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ArteKino Festival is an innovative project launched in 2016. Dedicated to film lovers in Europe, the festival proposes original and stimulating European productions.

24 Weeks

Anne Zohra Berrached

  • 24 Weeks

    Anne Zohra Berrached

  • Crater

    Luca Bellino & Silvia Luzi

  • Flemish Heaven

    Peter Monsaert

  • Flesh Memory

    Jacky Goldberg

  • For Some Inexplicable Reason

    Gábor Reisz

  • L'Animale

    Katharina Mückstein

  • Mug

    Malgorzata Szumowska

  • Pin Cushion

    Deborah Haywood

  • Pity

    Babis Makridis

  • Those Who Are Fine

    Cyril Schäublin