Luca Bellino & Silvia Luzi

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A technically impressive feat, complete with a few hidden cameras, that recalls a reality show in the hands of two very sensitive, skillful directors.

- The Hollywood Reporter -


(Il cratere)

Rosario works as a street seller on the fairgrounds of the suburbs of Naples.

His dream to escape poverty latches onto the musical talent of his daughter Sharon. Fascinated by the video images of his teenage daughter, he turns into an impresario to make her a star of the Italian folk music.

Between documentary and realistic tale, CRATER portrays the ambitions of a father against the freedom of his daughter.

Venice International Critics' Week

Special Jury Prize - Tokyo International Film Festival

Special Jury Prize - Crossing Europe Film Festival

Supported by Media Creative Europe

  • Starring:  Sharon Caroccia, Rosario Caroccia
  • Production:  TFILM
  • International Sales:  Alpha Violet

The directors' first fiction film takes its influence from neorealism and confirms the vitality of the new Neapolitan cinema.

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Luca Bellino & Silvia Luzi

Luca Bellino (1978) and Silvia Luzi (1976) received several international awards and nominations for directing two previous documentaries. Tfilm, their production company is based in Rome. Tfilm distinguished itself for the strong social and political connotation of its titles. Tfilm’s productions are characterized by a clear authorial imprint, a style that combines observation cinema and current events. The Company produced documentaries both for cinema and for television. The work of Luzi and Bellino as directors and producers is focused on film projects with a strong impact. CRATER is their first feature fiction film.

The idea was to create a crater within the crater. The house had to become some kind of boundary, if not a prison. Because a lack of social recognition leads you to take shelter in your own little world and defend it. It’s a combination of controlling and protecting the daughter, and it happens when love falls by the wayside.