Sharunas Bartas

Lithuania, France, Ukraine, Poland | 2017 | 115 min

Lithuanian, English, Russian, Ukrainian | Subtitles : EN, FR, DE, ES, UK, IT

From 1 - 17 december 2017


A work of great distinction, as contemporary as it is universal and as psychological as it is philosophical.

Cannes Quinzaine de Réalisateurs
Lithuanian submission for the Academy Awards


Rokas and Inga, a couple of young Lithuanians, volunteer to drive a cargo van of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. When plans change and they find themselves left to their own devices, they cross the vast snowy lands of the Donbass region in search of allies and shelter, drifting into the lives of those affected by the war. They approach the frontline in spite of the danger, all the while growing closer to each other as they begin to understand life during wartime.

  • Starring: Mantas Janciauskas, Lyja Maknaviciute, Vanessa Paradis, Andrzej Chyra
  • Production: Reborn Production, Studija Kinema, KinoElektron, Insight Media LTD / Tato Film, Donten & Lacroix, KNM/International Sales: Luxbox

A young Lithuanian couple accepts to bring over humanitarian supplies from Vilnius to Ukraine. Their journey will be marked by numerous encounters before arriving in the war zone of Donbass. This time tempted by a desire for narrative, while maintaining a melancholic tone, Sharunas Bartas invites us on the journey of a young couple confronted by the reality of a conflict they are desperately seeking to understand despite risking to lose themselves in it.

Olivier Père

Sharunas Bartas

Sharunas Bartas

Our souls are very close, but we are all very isolated and we cannot see who we are from the outside. By showing these pieces of life of certain people, we can take a step back, we can just feel that we are close to them and feel less alone.

Born in 1964 in Siauliau, Lithuania, Sharunas Bartas graduated from VGIK film school in Moscow. In 1989, he founded Studija Kinema, the first independent studio in Lithuania. From early on, Sharunas Bartas met a great critical success. His films such as THREE DAYS, CORRIDOR, FEW OF US, PEACE TO US IN OUR DREAMS, all built an uncommonly delicate aesthetic that his ninth feature, FROST, keeps on expanding. In February 2016, the Centre Pompidou dedicated him a retrospective.