BezbogRalitza Petrova

Bulgaria, France, Denmark | 2016 | 99 min

Bulgarian | Subtitles : EN, FR, DE, ES, UK

From 1 - 17 december 2017

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A steely, compelling work that mixes harsh social realism with a powerful strain of laconic character sketch, while also sporting moody quasi-thriller inflections that evoke Georges Simenon or certain US exponents of small-town literary noir.

Pardo d'oro and Best Actress (Irena Ivanova) - Locarno Festival
Special Jury Prize - Sarajevo FF
Best Film, Best Actress (Irena Ivanova) - Stockholm IFF
Silver Gateway Award (International Competition) - Mumbai IFF
Golden Puffin for Best Film - Reykjavik IFF
FIPRESCI Award - Warsaw FF


A nurse traffics the ID cards of demented patients on the black market of identity theft. Driven by easy cash, and an addiction to morphine, she struggles to keep tabs on her emotional void, and a growing fear of punishment.

  • Starring: Irena Ivanova, Ventsislav Konstantinov, Ivan Nalbantov, Alexander Triffonov
  • Production: Klas Film/International Sales: Heretic Outreach

Deep in Bulgaria, a nurse who cares for old seniles sells their identities on the black market. Torn by a sentiment of guilt which becomes increasingly difficult to bare, she will find herself trapped in a fatal network. Director Ralitza Petrova’s first feature film brings forward a devastating portrait on the widespread corruption and deteriorating morality plaguing this region of Europe. A harsh mise en scène with a sacrificial development that only brings to mind great masters of the spiritualistic cinema, such as Robert Bresson.

Olivier Père

Ralitza Petrova

Ralitza Petrova

In my films I try to build maximum tension by leaving only the essence of what things are really about. Like in haiku poetry. It allows the viewer to have a visceral experience.

Born in Bulgaria, Ralitza lives and works between England, Bulgaria, and France. She graduated from NFTS. Her films have won acclaim at film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, and Locarno. In 2007 she was awarded the Prix UIP, Best European Short Film at Berlinale for her film ROTTEN APPLE. One of her following shorts, BY THE GRACE OF GOD (2009), premiered in Cannes, and is currently distributed by the British Film Institute and Tate Modern. In 2016, her feature debut GODLESS premiered in Locarno, where it won the Golden Leopard.