The Giant

JättenJohannes Nyholm

Sweden, Denmark | 2017 | 89 min

Swedish | Subtitles : EN, FR, DE, ES, IT

From 1 - 17 december 2017

Screen Daily

Why limit a film to naturalistically depicting an outsider’s struggles, stepping into the realm of cathartic fantasy or charting an against-the-odds sports narrative when you can do all of the above at once?

Toronto IFF
IFF Rotterdam
Special Jury Prize - San Sebastián IFF

The Giant

Rikard is an autistic and severely deformed man who was separated from his mother at birth. Thirty years later he is convinced that he will get her back if only he wins the Scandinavian Championship of pétanque. He tries to do the impossible. His fragile physique and a harsh judging environment are not going to stop him. Plus there is a 200 foot giant on his side.

  • Starring: Christian Andrén, Johan Kylén, Anna Bjelkerud, Linda Faith, Moa Malan, Stina Elinderson, Martin Högdahl, Bo Melin
  • Production: Garagefilm International AB, Beofilm/International Sales: Indie Sales
The Giant

Without any contestation the left field choice of this selection, The Giant is the first feature film of Johannes Nyholm, noticed for his inventive and burlesque short films of poetic mismatches (PuppetBoy, Las Palmas). Rikard, an autistic man suffering a severe malformation to the face was separated from his mother at birth. 30 years later he is persuaded he will find her again if he wins a pétanque championship… Absolutely eccentric, The Giant is a melodrama under acid, a phantasmagoria in which the naïve and colorful aesthetics of Nyholm reach unexpected emotional heights.

Olivier Père

Johannes Nyholm

Johannes Nyholm

What did the child's mother say about the fact that you showed your daughter as an alcoholic? - Everything for art.

Johannes Nyholm (1974, Sweden) is an artist and film director based in Gothenburg. His work is usually presented in a wide range of forums. The animated film series THE TALE OF LITTLE PUPPETBOY (2006) was originally made for gallery screenings, but it has also been shown widely at festivals around the world, most notably at the 2008 Quinzaine in Cannes. His short film DREAMS FROM THE WOODS (2009) also premiered in Cannes. His short LAS PALMAS (2011) marked Nyholm’s third entry at Cannes and his first at Sundance. His feature debut THE GIANT premiered in Toronto.