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Katharina Mückstein


Áustria2018100 MinAlemão

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As cenas com batidas de EDM pulsante na pista de dança revelam um diferente tipo de energia nas personagens, contrastando com a ousadia do motocross na gigantesca pedreira de terra e adicionando textura e vitalidade a este retrato sincero da autodescoberta adolescente.
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Mati and her boy gang on their tuned motocross bikes are the terror of their village and make life difficult for all the girls. But when Sebastian, the leader of the pack, falls in love with Mati and she becomes friends with Carla, one of the victims of their needling, Mati runs the risk of losing her place with the boys. At the same time, a deeply hidden secret stands between Mati’s parents, and the two of them must decide: what counts for more, seeming or being?


Best Acting Ensemble - Diagonale

Best Film - Seoul International Women's Festival

Supported by Media Creative Europe

Protagonizado por:  Sophie Stockinger, Kathrin Resetarits, Dominik Warta, Julia Franz Richter, Jack Hofer, Dominic Marcus Singer, Simon Morzé, Stefan Pohl
Produção: NGF NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER FILMPRODUKTION GMBH / Vendas internacionais : Films Boutique


Uma história cruel de emancipação, mas também sobre identidade de género e sexual, questionando ideias de masculinidade e feminidade através do retrato de um grupo de adolescentes, as suas famílias e os seus amigos.
Olivier Père (Diretor do ARTE Cinema)

Katharina Mückstein

We're living in a time when there is a constant discussion of where we should take our orientation: do we long to return to a romanticised primaeval state, or can we overcome our fear of the unknown and head forward in search of progress?

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1982, Katharina Mückstein studied philosophy and gender studies, followed by directing at the Filmacademy Vienna. She is the co-founder of the La Banda Film Production Company which has produced multi-award-winning documentaries such as HOLZ ERDE FLEISCH by Sigmund Steiner and TIERE UND ANDERE MENSCHEN by Flavio Marchetti. She worked on both of these films as a dramatic consultant and co-writer respectively.