Lessons of Love

Chiara Campara

Italy201979 MinItalian

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Thirty-year-old Yuri and his father run the last farm left in a small, remote mountain village. Desperate to find love, Yuri meets a young woman in a strip club. Chiara Campara’s fiction film debut takes a hyperreal approach to portray forgotten members of society, giving the story an incredibly authentic feel.

- Olivier Père, Director of ARTE France Cinéma -

Lessons of Love

Yuri’s 30 and he’s never had a girlfriend. Together with his father, he runs the last farm left in a small mountain village. His love for Agata, a girl he met in a strip club, is the decisive push that takes him away from a world he knows only too well but hasn’t really chosen.

  • Biennale College Cinema 2019
  • Starring:  Leonardo Lidi, Alice Torriani, Giancarlo Previati, Giovanni de Giorgi
  • Production:  Damiano Ticconi, Tancredi Campello - Ang film S.r.l.

LESSONS OF LOVE is immediately recognizable as a work of clear-eyed but compassionate realism, a true tradition in Italian cinema.

- rogerebert.com -

Chiara Campara

Chiara Campara (Verona, 1987) studied philosophy and documentary filmmaking in Milan. She has worked as assistant director and producer for independent film projects. She has written and directed short and full- length documentaries: LE ALLETTANTI PROMESSE (TEMPTING PROMISES) won the Imperdibili award at Festival dei Popoli and was screened internationally. LESSONS OF LOVE, her first feature film, was selected at the Biennale College Cinema program and was presented at Venice Film Festival in 2019.

Caught between doubt and awareness of the need to decide, to travel physically and emotionally, Yuri’s true initiation begins as he sets about addressing the deep tension underlying the need to be accepted and loved, the need to meaningfully face up to the force of our desires in order to understand who we really are.