Messi and Maud

Marleen Jonkman

Netherlands, Germany201792 MinDutch, Spanish, English

Subtitles: FR, EN, ES, DE, HU, IT, PL, PT, RO, UA

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In lieu of escalating dramatic tension, MESSI AND MAUD uses those two figures as focal points in shots that revel in Chile’s endlessly varying and frequently stunning natural landscapes, with the occasional voice-over from Maud’s abandoned husband to remind us that this is both a ramble and an escape.

- Screen Daily -

Messi and Maud

(La Holandesa)

Maud and Frank are on holiday in Chile. Their relationship is fragile and so is Maud. After many years of trying, it is time to face the fact that they will never have children. However, Maud is in denial. After a huge fight with Frank, she runs off and sets out on a road trip through Chile where she meets a boy that goes by the name of Messi . This chance encounter between Messi and Maud turns into an epic adventure across Chile's breath-taking landscapes, and down a road of discovery.

  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Starring:  Rifka Lodeizen, Cristobal Farias, Guido Pollemans
  • Production:  Smarthouse Films, FATT Productions, Leitwolf TV- und Filmproduktion
  • International Sales:  Visit Films

Amidst a crisis, a couple’s trip to Chile transforms into an intimate adventure and the reconquest of femininity. A promising debut from young Dutch filmmaker, Marleen Jonkman.

- Olivier Père, Director of ARTE France Cinéma -

Marleen Jonkman

Marleen Jonkman was born in Voorschoten, Netherlands. She studied cinema at the University of Amsterdam and direction at the Netherlands Film Academy. She has directed the prize-winning short films DAUGHTER. MESSI AND MAUD is her feature debut. She developed a personal style that shows her genuine interest in mankind, caught in authentic and joy-filled cinematic moments. She aims to celebrate life in all aspects and to show the universal truth in everyday moments.

What looks good on paper, often becomes ugly and banal if you say it out loud (...) I like films that leave room for reflection, that make you work a little harder.