Raging Rose

Julia Kowalski

France, Poland201580 MinFrench, Polish

Subtitles: EN, FR, ES, DE, HU, IT, PL, PT, RO, UA

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Electrifying discovery.

- Première -

Raging Rose


Jozef, a blue-collar Pole, arrives in France to work in construction, but also to find his son Roman, whom he abandoned 15 years earlier.

His boss’s daughter, Rose, a teenager in the tumult of sexual awakening, offers to help him in his search. She ends up falling desperately in love with Roman, their encounter having an unexpected impact on both their teenage lives.

  • ACID Cannes
  • Busan International Film Festival
  • Premiers Plans Festival - Angers
  • Starring:  Liv Henneguier, Yoann Zimmer, Andrzej Chyra, Artur Steranko
  • Production:  Les Films de Françoise - Donten & Lacroix Films
  • International Sales:  Alpha Violet

RAGING ROSE is a lyrical and sultry teen movie, which examines the beginnings of desire and loving feelings of a teenager split between two cultures, French and Polish. In this debut film rich in personal memories, the filmmaker transcends naturalism and successfully creates a sexual and dream-like universe with a modern take on romanticism.

- Olivier Père, Director of ARTE France Cinéma -

Julia Kowalski

Born in France in 1979 to Polish parents, Julia Kowalski embarked on a quest for identity in directing her first documentary, which took her back to her roots. Since then she has continued to explore her preferred themes: the working-class environment, Poland, adolescence, family, sexuality. Her short film, MUSIQUE DE CHAMBRE, was selected at many festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand, Brest, Indie Lisboa, Tampere, and Recife. RAGING ROSE is her first feature-length movie and it was presented in Cannes in the ACID selection.

With this project, I wanted to bring together two themes that are particularly important to me: filming the teenage years, and addressing my Polish origins. (...) Through this story, I want to tackle the powerful, complex, sometimes bitter feelings we all experience through life, particularly at adolescence.

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