Agostino Ferrente

France, Italy201978 MinItalian

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Vibrant, moving self-filmed doc set in Naples. Still, while ostensibly “constrained” by reality, SELFIE ultimately has the more original and involving take on sunny Neapolitan childhoods threatened by the shadow of organized crime.

- Variety -



Alessandro and Pietro are 16 years-old and live in Naples, district of Traiano where, in the summer of 2014, Davide Bifolco, also 16, was shot by a policeman who mistook him for a fugitive. They are inseparable friends, Alessandro works as a waiter in a bar, Pietro dreams to become a hairdresser. Alessandro and Pietro accept the director’s proposal to shoot themselves with an iPhone, commenting live on their own daily experiences, their close friendship, their neighbourhood – now empty, in the middle of summer – and the tragedy that ended Davide’s life.

  • Berlinale - Panorama
  • Luxembourg City Film Festival - Documentary Award
  • Cinéma du Réel Paris
  • Prix Italia
  • Starring:  Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando
  • Production:  Magnéto Presse - Casa delle Visioni
  • International Sales:  Deckert Distribution

In a mafia-controlled working-class neighborhood in Naples, Agostino Ferrente entrusts two teenagers with a small camera to document their daily life with selfies. This mechanism captures and brings vivid awareness to the violence and desperation that surrounds the subjects.

- Olivier Père, Director of ARTE France Cinéma -

Agostino Ferrente

Agostino Ferrente was born in Cerignola (Italy) in 1971. He produced and directed with Giovanni Piperno INTERVISTA A MIA MADRE and IL FILM DI MARIO. In 2001, he founded in Rome the group "Apollo 11" with which he creates the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio. He also created the Doc/it Award for documentaries at the Venice International Film Festival where the film LE COSE BELLE, which he co-directed, and which narrates ten years in the life of four young Neopolitans, premiered in 2013. SELFIE (2019) premiered at the Berlin IFF.

After making some of my first shorts I fell in love with the idea of narrating reality through documentary. At the beginning my films were kind of an escape from reality, from my hometown. Then I realized that reality can be narrated, courted, denounced, but not avoided.