The Party's Over

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Marie Garel-Weiss' first film, THE PARTY'S OVER, tackles a subject too rarely dealt with in cinema, at least as head-on: drugs, and manages to give a universal dimension to chaotic and singular trajectories.

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The Party's Over

(La Fête est finie)

THE PARTY'S OVER, is the story of a rebirth, that of Celeste and Sihem. Arriving the same day in a detoxification centre, they will seal an indestructible friendship. This friendship will be as much a strength as it is an obstacle when, when they are kicked out of the centre, they find themselves left to their own devices, to the test of the real world and its temptations. The real struggle then begins, that of abstinence and freedom, that towards life.

  • Production:  Elzévir Films