The festival was born out of ARTE’s desire to strengthen its support for modern European arthouse films in an original manner by giving them greater visibility and wider distribution.

Launched in 2016, ArteKino Festival is an innovative event aimed at film-lovers and cinema-goers throughout Europe who wish to discover a selection of the most stimulating and original European productions from recent months. This year, for the first time, audiences will also be able to view the films on the big screen too.

ArteKino Festival was designed last year to be a 100% free digital event. With the Festival Scope platform, we have developed a dedicated website that allows audiences from over 40 European countries to watch the ten selected films with subtitles in French, German, English or Spanish. For its second year, the ArteKino Festival is venturing onto new screens. The Festival’s films will be projected in movie theatres across France, and in a few other European cities (London, Madrid, Bucharest and Berlin).

The only prize awarded by the festival is judged by the audience, who are invited to vote after having viewed a film. The main aim of the ArteKino Festival is to provide a wide audience with online access to independent feature-length films that often find it hard to break into movie theatres in Europe, despite receiving critical acclaim and awards from the most prestigious international festivals.

We are now looking to support showing these films on the big screen with the help of our partners, the Cinémathèque Française, the Institut Français and the SCARE union, by organising preview showings as part of the festival.

The ArteKino Festival has selected ten films that represent the eclectic and daring trend sweeping across modern European film productions. Alongside the latest work from renowned filmmakers, we have decided to showcase new talent, with some directors’ first ambitious feature-length films that demonstrate the outstanding creative ability of the new generation from countries such as Romania, Greece and Poland. Far from any kind of formatting, these ten films call into question heritage and modernity, provide complex or linear story lines, invent structures in which stories from worlds both past and present can unfold, as well as intimate secrets and the power of imagination. From a variety cinematic backgrounds, these films are deeply entwined with inspiration drawn from poems and fiction. They reaffirm the intensity of modern European filmmaking, which is perpetually reinventing itself and has the capacity to amaze and exhilarate.

Olivier Père

Director of Film, ARTE France
Artistic Director, ArteKino Festival


ArteKino Festival invites internet users from 45 countries to watch a selection of 10 feature length films free of charge over a 17 day period. In all, 50,000 viewings will be made available to the European public, who are eligible (along with spectators in cinemas) to vote for the Audience Award. From 1 to 17 December 2017, the dedicated website artekinofestival.com and the ArteKino app available for IOS, developed in collaboration with FESTIVAL SCOPE, will allow the public to watch a selection of 10 films with a choice of subtitles in four languages (French, German, English, Spanish).


Spectators (both in cinemas and through the website) are able to rate the film they have just watched between 1 and 5. The Audience Award will be presented to the film that has been given the best score. This award, worth €30,000 to be shared between the winning film’s director and international sales agent, aims to help promote the film more widely in new regions.


COLO by Teresa Villaverde

GODLESS by Ralitza Petrova

THE GIANT by Johannes Nyholm


SOLEIL BATTANT by Clara and Laura Laperrousaz


THE LAST FAMILY by Jan P. Matuszynski

FROST by Sharunas Bartas

BRIGHT NIGHTS by Thomas Arslan

CHEVALIER by Athina Rachel Tsangari